aaaand I'm back...sorta

2011-02-20 04:20:28 by Draconis777

Getting serious about flash again, going to try to make some new animations and hopefully get good enough to get into the featurey places...

School starts today...

2009-07-13 12:37:01 by Draconis777

Wow! I didn't expect so much positive and constructive feedback! Thank you very much! I'm starting class today (I attend the Art Institute Online) and will probably spend most of my time getting that stuff done but am pretty motivated to get another animation going and work on that on the side.

Hey! I finally made sumptin!

2009-07-13 01:49:21 by Draconis777

I've had this account for what...5 years? I've been meaning to make something sooner, but that's the way life goes. I'd like to credit Adam Phillips for creating some of the best flash tutorials EVAR. I have a *lot* of flash books and they've helped but none more than Adams book. It was his latest tutorial that finally helped me get lip-syncing and a few other concepts down! Go visit his website. Now. l